USC Student Films 2014-2016

Generation Youtube - A USC 507 Originally made as my second film at USC's 507 Production class during my first semester in 2014. The assignment was you must shoot the film in 2 days, one location, with 2 crew members, no more than 5 actors and due within a couple of weeks.

The God Machine - This was the final film I made at USC for my Directing class. We shot this film in 4 days for under 5K. Written, Directed and Edited by Robert Ham


Contraband - Originally made as my first film for USC's 507 Production 1 class in my first semester in 2014. The assignment was you must shoot the film in 1 day, 1 location, with 1 crew member for $100, limited on screen dialogue, with max 3 characters and due within a couple of weeks.

This was based on a situation I had when I went to Airborne School. I had some kind of snack and when I thought I was gonna get caught I flushed it but it clogged up the toilet really bad and I spent a good amount of time cleaning it up.

I decided to do this film because I had never done a comedy before and wanted to give it a shot. The tight constraints on us forced me to think outside the box quite a bit on how to achieve laughs in a small setting with minimal dialogue.

Frank Comes Home - Based on the true story of famous director Frank Capra (It Happened One Night, It's a Wonderful Life) came back from World War II and was trying to figure out what the next film would be after his war experience. Frank Capra III signed off on the film before it was finished.

This was Robert's USC 508 film, in the first year of film school. The assignment was no more than $1,000. Must be shot in Four Days and you must use two teammates chosen by the school to produce and do the cinematography.