Built By Veterans: Shakespeare Center of L.A.’s Henry IV with Tom Hanks


Built by Veterans

L.A. County Dept. of Mental Health Presents

In partnership with The Shakespeare Center of L.A.

Shakespeare's Henry IV - Built By Veterans

Thanks to all veterans involved with this effort, all those who serve and have served our country.

Special thanks to Tom Hanks, Rondi Reed, Roy Porter, Ben Donenburg and the rest of the cast of Henry IV.



Produced by: Mike Dowling, Marine Corps Veteran

Shot, Edited and Directed by: Robert Ham, Army Veteran

Sound: Robert Leon

Watch a Metrofocus PBS special on the Veterans in Art program featuring our PSA and an interview with Tom Hanks and Ben Donenberg.


Check out a piece by NBC Los Angeles on the Shakespeare Center of L.A. All the b-roll footage is from our short!