Stop the LIne

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Robert served with Col. Scott Russi in Afghanistan back in 2009 when he made “Shamrock Black”, an Emmy nominated short documentary featuring the Salerno combat hospital. When Robert found out what Scott had been going through, we knew we had to help in any way we could. We sent the kids to grandparents, rented a bunch of gear and packed up our beat up SUV with our bassadoodle Liberty and drove 12 hours to Oregon. Over the past 4 months, we have enlisted as much help as we could get to have this film make the biggest impact possible and create change in Scott’s life as well as in the V.A. We will not accept that this is the reality for so many of our veterans and YOU can help! Please sign our campaign!

The Roseburg Review, Oregon’s oldest newspaper covered Stop The Line on their FRONT PAGE.


Directed, Shot and Edited by
Robert Ham
U.S. Army Veteran

Produced by
Robert & Melanie Ham
Mike Dowling - U.S. Marine Corps Veteran

Drone Operator
Deacon Russi

Music By
Shem von Schroeck

HAMMR End Graphic By
Phillip Elgie - U.S. Marine Corps

Special Thank You 
Vaughn Derderian

Dr. Scott Russi - U.S. Air Force Veteran (Retired)
Dr. Nichole Ingalls - U.S. Air Force Veteran
Dr. Nathan Christensen - U.S. Air Force Veteran
Amber Byers - U.S. Navy Veteran (Retired), V.A. Nurse
Treva Risher - Former V.A. Nurse
Pat Baird - U.S. Air Force/Navy Veteran (Retired), V.A. Nurse
Gary May - U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Former V.A. Nurse
Susie May - Former V.A. Nurse
Myron Miller - U.S. Army Veteran, Santa Claus

Thanks to
Judi Ketcik
Kristen Barnfield
Carly Chapman
And CK&D